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Our Work

"For us, by us"


Community Engagement

Community members get ‘engaged’ when we play a meaningful role in the deliberations, discussions, decision-making and/or implementation of projects or programs affecting our everyday life.


Chicago Black Gay Men's Caucus champion the idea that organizational and government leaders need to broaden the way they see community partners. As leaders in the fight for health equity, it is our responsibility to include community members in roles as facilitators, supporters, collaborators, and empower our stakeholders.


Through regular engagement, Chicago Black Gay Men's Caucus seeks to build community with restorative circles and gatherings as a technique for proactively building the skills and relationships gay black men will need when challenges arise.

Join us for one of our regular community circles to learn more about getting involved with mission for health equity. 




Youth Programming

In 2019, youth and young adults aged 13–24 years represented 3.9 percent of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) clients. Twenty-one percent of new HIV cases in the U.S. are among young people ages 13-24 (CDC, 2020).


Cases are overwhelmingly among gay/bisexual men, particularly African Americans. A significant proportion of youth lviing with HIV do not know it and are thus are not receiving care. We want to fix that. 


In 2019, 79.4% of youth receiving RWHAP medical care achieved viral suppression, which is below the RWHAP national average of 88.1%.


With our ccommunity partners, Chicago Black Gay Men's Caucus focuses on programs that support young people building connected networks and experiencing all that life has to offer. 


Mind, Body, and Soul Wellness Circle

The Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus have partners with community to put on series of events to promote health and wellness for the black and queer community. Each month, we focus on wellness planning, alternative medication, diet, or wellness routines, to promote overall health.

Participants create short and long-term goals for themselves and link with skilled facilitators will help to establish personal strategies. 
Join us for these community events and learn how you can get more involved with creating true health equity for black men in Chicago.